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We offer racket restring service at Dolphin Gym. Turn around usually 2-3 days.

Prices include strings + service.* If you prefer to use your own string, we can provide the service only at a fee of £15.

Strings available:



* Due to the nature of the game, we can not offer warranty on the strings. We will advise beforehand if we belive your racket  needs a new grommet or whether your racket has any sharp edges or worn out frame which could contribute for the breakage of the strings. Strings lifespam varies according to frequency of play, style of play, string pattern, gauge of string, and many other factors. We use Gauge 17 (1.25mm) for the strings listed above but they might vary.

Prince Lightning - £25


Prince Lightning XX squash string is a solid all-rounder, offering additional power potential with spring loaded polyester Powerfoil™ technology bursting with energy on ball impact.

Tecnifibre 305 Green - £30


The unique multifilament construction of the Tecnifibre 305 Premium Green squash string, combined with a minimum 40% Matrix PU content, provides the player with ultimate power and comfort, whilst providing maximum shock absorption.

Tecnifibre Pro RedCode - £30

The Tecnifibre Pro RedCode tennis string has been developed for players looking for durability, control and spin. The string provides a crisp and clean feel, and is perfect for players with a fast and aggressive stroke style.

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